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Alexandra Klasinski

Photographer, designer

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Alexandra Klasinski, I'm the Chief Online for the US at Lomography. In the past, I've designed records, shouted backing vocals and taken photographs all over the world. I am also a chronic purchaser of domains.

What hardware do you use?

I'm actually a bit of a hardware killjoy, in the sense that my computer at work is "whatever" is on my desk, with maxed memory. I also have no working computer at home, in an often failing attempt to pull myself away from my workaholic nature.

I'm a pretty intense user of the Nexus One, which I love desperately and rue the day I will eventually replace it with an iPhone, which is getting harder and harder to resist.

I'm a collector of film cameras and pretty consistently cycle through them. My go to is the LOMO LC-A+, small, reliable and a total beast. My not-as-often-used favorites are a Voigtländer Bessa and a Yashica Samurai half frame.

I also have a Kindle, a handful of iPods, a PSP, a Wii, a Gamecube, a Casio PT-10, a Baldwin Fun Machine in storage in California, a pinball machine covered in "babes and brews".

And what software?

I usually need to access my work from multiple locations and on multiple platforms, so I'm a huge fan of Google Docs and Dropbox. On Android, you can edit files directly in Dropbox, which has proved to be a huge asset. I tend to be knee deep in Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5. Our offices internationally use Skype, though I prefer Google Talk. I use TweetDeck when responding on @lomography but I find myself using the web client when I can. I'm a big fan of Gmail.

For browsers, I generally use Firefox and Chrome, syncing them via XMarks. Aside from the usual plugins and add-ons, I use Fireshot, Firebug and I really like Chrome to Phone.

As for apps, I love the integration of Google Voice, Docs, Gmail and Contacts with the Nexus One. After leaving my phone in a cab, I was able to change the sensitive names in my contacts via Gmail and see where it was with Latitude. I'm slightly addicted to Foursquare, Twidroid, Vignette, Catch, and a wicked awful but highly effective Math Alarm. I'm currently completely in love with Ramp Champ (I have a natural skill but unnatural affection for skee ball, which it fulfills).

What would be your dream setup?

I'm sure my dream setup already exists. I would probably be the happiest person on the planet if I went out and bought a MacBook Air. But what I really want is a computer with everything stored and accessible via the cloud, absolutely nothing (aside from the obvious necessities) local, with a worldwide wireless connection. I hate saving things, and I tend to lose things, so, hardware replaceable is seriously important. No, I don't want a Chromebook, but close.

Oh and a miniature film processing machine.