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Darcie Wilder


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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Darcie Wilder, I mostly write and occupy space on the internet.

What hardware do you use?

I just use a 13-inch MacBook Pro that I bought last year. It's the first one I've bought that isn't refurbished - I used to just buy any old computer. But last year I saw how thin and light computers had gotten while I had been lugging around this block of metal. I realized that investing in a better piece of equipment would allow me to get more work done in a freer way. Now I usually have my computer on me. I also have a Roost laptop stand, which I use with a spare bluetooth keyboard I have from college, which allows me to have a desktop setup when I need to feel grounded, otherwise I'm usually reclining somewhere typing into my computer, cozy.

Are notebooks hardware? I guess so? I use a spiral notebook in the morning for morning pages and a college ruled composition notebook otherwise. I've begun handwriting stuff over the past year, which has been really helpful for the way my brain works. I tried it years ago and my hand would cramp and I just couldn't do it, and I'm grateful that my brain has slowed down enough to be able to serenely write a sentence. And the regular Bic pens. I used to try to be fancy and get nice pens but I would never use them, as if they were better than me.

And what software?

I mostly live in Google Docs. I impulsively bought Scrivener a few years ago and was helpful for organizing pieces of writing, and I'll open it and try to commit but there's never longevity. I always end up back in Google Docs unfortunately, because I can open it on my phone when I'm walking my dog and tuck away files in folders that I'll never open again. I feel like I wish there was a change of interface though. But the problem I have with Scrivener, I feel, is maybe it's too hard to access, even when it's just opening an icon.

I also use Google Keep but it's a mess in there. For dumb memes I use PicsArt and Vidstitch. I used to make collages in Photoshop.

What would be your dream setup?

I feel pretty content, but I also always strive for sort of a barebones type thing, whether or not it works out. Like I don't know if I need Scrivener or the laptop stand - probably not. I think ultimately I dream of more quiet spaces.