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Hunter Walk

Co-founder, Homebrew

Posted in finance, mac

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Hunter Walk and I'm cofounder of an early stage venture capital firm called Homebrew. The simplest explanation of what I do – and one which I gave my daughter when she was two – is that I talk on the phone, type on the computer and shake hands a lot. That's still a pretty accurate explanation, but if you were to give me another 100 words to describe, I'd say we put capital, sweat and reputation behind a small number of entrepreneurs who have strong visions for the way the world could work in the future. Then we work closely with them to help increase the probability until they realize this vision fully and in a way of which they're proud, and with them at the helm of the company longterm.

What hardware do you use?

Always in my backpack is a 13" MacBook Pro, one larger notebook (usually a Baron Fig, Code & Quill or Moo), one smaller notebook (Field Notes or Word), and a bunch of Muji .38 gel ink pens.

Into my pockets I stuff an iPhone X and AirPods.

And what software?

Productivity: Google Apps, Superhuman, Trello, Bear, Wunderlist, Chrome, Nota Bene.

Reading, Writing and Listening: Pocket, Overcast, Spotify, Wordpress.

What would be your dream setup?

The stillness of NYC at dawn, in a favorite coffee shop with a full mug in front of me, and a blog post half-written. This occurs once or twice a year. Bliss!