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Reverend Joey Talley

Wicca minister

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Reverend Joey Talley, Wicca minister. I offer professional witchcraft services, private consultation and custom spellwork. No problem too big, too small, or too weird.

People come to me with all kinds of problems, goals, situations, just as anyone would bring to any minister. I assess with an interview, Tarot reading, or aura reading. From all this information, I make custom charms, spells, potions, reading lists, referrals, housecalls, whatever I can do to help. Often protection and shielding is required, for a person, pet, computers, machines and homes.

Solving issues from angry spirits, lost ghosts, and scary homes are terrifically exciting events, and greatly appreciated! I enjoy the bizarre and baffling, but do a lot of 'daily' magic as well. Love is the number one issue brought to me, and as a minister I officiate Wicca weddings. I serve many spiritual persons rejected by their religions of birth. Money, health, and court cases are common, and sadly many abused women seek my skilled assistance. Glad to serve.

Every full moon I lead a Wicca ceremony for women only. I offer a ceremony to men as well.

What hardware do you use?

Hardware? Like computers? Um... I have a Mac and use it as little as possible.

And what software?

Software? Well, I use Earth, Air, Fire, Water. I use intention, focus and trance. I was born with a caul, and have the typically associated talents, which I've been training and expanding my whole life. I use my highly trained mind. I use my body's god-given sensitivities to energy flows (this used to be call Satan Worship, but now it's called Quantum Physics). I use my training in psychology and bio-feedback. I use herbs and stones and astrology charts. Colors, oils, drums teas and tinctures. Mostly I use love. The Great Spirit, Goddess, Godhead, is love.

In Wicca, we recognize that all we put out returns threefold. So never an ex-boyfriend turned into a toad, but a broken heart mended and true love manifested. Please note, Wiccas do not worship nor even recognize the existence of Satan, anymore than Muslims worship the Easter Bunny.

What would be your dream setup?

My ideal setup? Hooray! A church here in Fairfax CA, staffed with a team of workers to do all that bureaucratic paperwork stuff so I can focus on individuals' needs. I will offer at least 36 free open ceremonies yearly (two solstices, two equinoxes, the four points in-between, as well as every full moon and every dark moon) plus hold weddings and funerals and baptisms/initiations. It will have a fabulous herb garden all around, and food-bearing plants also. My living quarters will be attached. Wood floors and walls and ceiling, stone exterior.