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Lake Sharp

Designer (ARRAY), co-founder (EVERYBODY)

Posted in designer, mac

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Lake Sharp. I'm the owner of two business. I'm co-founder & marketing director of EVERYBODY, a radically inclusive gym and wellness center in LA and the owner/sole operator of ARRAY, a design service that focuses primarily on native landscaping, interior design, ceramic works and occasional textile/garment works. I'm also a mom to one toddler, which has really helped shape what I do. Motherhood has given me a lot of clarity about my priorities, how I want to spend my time when I'm not with her and how I want to model "work" for her.

What hardware do you use?

Hardware is my jam! For both businesses I rely heavily on my iPhone and new MacBook Pro, which is whatever, but I'm more into my tools! I love tools. In my design work I rely heavily on them. I love my Ryobi drill, and I have many well worn spades, rakes, and trowels. I own two wheelbarrows and I'm especially fond of my mattock. It would take me FOREVER to name all of my ceramic hardware, but I love my Pacifica wheel and my Bailey slab roller and my two used Cress Kilns. I gifted myself to brand new Viking straight stitch and serger sewing machines last year - good old workhorse sewing machines are great, but a brand new quality sewing machine is a dream.

And what software?

For the gym, we use MINDBODY, which has a corner on the market. It's not the best, but it is ubiquitous. I hand draw all of my landscape designs. I muscle through Pages to make invoices, client inspo boards and all other work-related paperwork.

What would be your dream setup?

Oooo, I'm very close to my dream set up. I just need a compostable toilet out by my home studio. The nice ones are surprisingly expensive, but I'd like to build a cute little outhouse back there. I'd love to have a really cool gardening tool storage set up, which seems totally possible, I just need to do it!

Right now, we have a little Airbnb in our basement apartment. Once we can afford it, I'd like to take over the space and move my home office down there. That way I'll have room for an industrial straight stitch and serger and be able to have a full studio set up instead of having to take stuff in and out of storage. I'm so close though, which is radical.