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Documentarian photographer

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Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm EMiSpicer. I'm best known for my work as a documentarian photographer. The main focus of my photos is music and video game culture events, mostly in indie and DIY-inspired spaces. I also work with instant film photography, the bulk of that work being portraiture or environmental photos. I've recently begun shooting using crappy film cameras instead of my cellphone for slice of life style photography.

In addition to that I work as an events organizer. I book music shows, most notably Pulsewave - a monthly showcase of chiptune music in NYC. I also work with two American demoparties, Synchrony and [@party]( "A demoparty."). I help organize games events too, such as the games conference Different Games. I work with the event MAGFest as well.

Finally, I'm employed as a social media manager for the gaming company MidBoss, which creates queer-focused media. We recently released a game called 2064: Read Only Memories which is available now on PS4 and PC!

What hardware do you use?

My digital camera is a Nikon D750, with which I use with a 50mm lens, an 18-200mm lens, and occasionally an external flash. Due to financial constraints my rig is very minimal, and I tend to push it to its limits. I think I probably own 15 or 20 Polaroid cameras, but these days I primarily shoot on an SX-70 Sonar. Then there's all the disposable cameras I use, which I buy in bulk from Amazon. I edit on a 2014 15" Retina MacBook Pro.

And what software?

Adobe Bridge for image selection, and Adobe Photoshop for gentle retouching. I keep things simple!

What would be your dream setup?

Ah oh gosh. I'm not much of a gear head if I'm being honest, so my lens wishlist is very small at the moment. I had been borrowing a 24mm f/4 from a friend for several months and really miss it though. I'm hoping when I have some extra cash I'll be able to get it back.

This is silly, but I'd also really love an iPad for mobile working. A lot of my work days involves a lot more administrative work than editing, and carrying around the heavy laptop takes a toll. Though, conversely, I'd love to have a second screen that I can devote to being a dedicated MidBoss screen. I'm a good task manager so I can switch back and forth between my personal accounts and theirs pretty well, but the convenience of a second screen seems like it would make things way easier.