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Lynn Root

Software developer (Red Hat, PyLadies SF)

Posted in developer, linux, mac

Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Lynn Root and I am an engineer on the freeIPA team at Red Hat working to integrate our identity management tools into other open source projects, OpenShift's origin-server being the first/my latest.

I am also the founder of PyLadies of San Francisco. I give a lot of talks, live in the heart of San Francisco, and am a caffeine addict.

What hardware do you use?

For work, I have a Lenovo T530 that has 16GB RAM and 500GB hard disk space that I mostly keep at my office in Mountain View. It's hooked up to a 27" Planar monitor for funsies.

Yet my dream is the single machine -- most of my development work is on my i7 13" MacBook Pro (sorry, boss!). It has 16GB RAM and 750GB of space. I'm content with just working on this machine all the time -- no need for more monitor space. For Time Machine backups, I use a 1TB Seagate external hard drive.

I am an Android fan; I use a Google Nexus (pre-Nexus 4) received from last year's Google I/O. It decently serves as my mp3 player and my camera as everything gets up/downloaded to/from "the cloud" automatically. I also scored a Nexus 7 that facilitates a lot of derping around on whatever down time I have.

I have two Raspberry Pis, one given graciously to me as a gift, and the other from PyCon's awesomeness, both a Model B. The first runs Fedora 18 Remix and the second runs a flavor of Debian.

For my caffeine addiction, I heat up water perfectly with a variable-temperature electric tea kettle from Breville, brew with an Aeropress, grind with a Krups F203 electric grinder, and store my favorite coffee in a Friis vault.

And what software?

I write mostly in Python, and some Ruby, with everything in git hosted on GitHub for the majority of projects, Fedora Hosted for work, or a private BitBucket for the non-OSS and the embarrassing. Everything is backed up daily on Amazon S3 with Arq. I abuse free server space from a friend for my personal site, and use GitHub Pages and Heroku for other projects.

I code using Vim and Sublime Text 2 in Vintage mode with some great plugins for git, Markdown, and Dash. I switched for iTerm2, and left bash for zsh with a theme inspired by Steve Losh. With oh-my-zsh, I make use of many plugins for git, Sublime Text, homebrew, virtualenv, among others.

For working and testing on Fedora machines, I use Vagrant with VirtualBox for local VMs, and Puppet when making use of Red Hat's Virtualization, oVirt for remote machines. For my VPN needs, for work I use Tunnelblick, otherwise Cloak when I'm in the US, and Hide My Ass when abroad.

For talks, I use for slides, Caffeine so my computer keeps awake during my whole talk, and publish on slideshare. For blogging, I write with Mou in Markdown and use mynt to generate the HTML.

Rather than googling for documentation, I use Dash. It comes in handy for text snippets: I have ;o binded to ಠ_ಠ. With projects that use Sphinx or pydoctor for documentation, doc2dash is a favorite tool.

When my attention span is short, or to archive awesome links for later, I use Pinboard. I store passwords with 1Password and use Knox for encrypted storage. I've migrating away from gmail to FastMail for more control, privacy, and no ads.

I tweet with Tweetbot, or Falcon Pro for my Android devices. I use, manage my todos with, chat on for GChat and Linkinus for IRC, launch apps with Alfred, and listen to music with Spotify, or stream with Rdio and Pandora One (can't settle with one service!). My favorite little screen sharing tool is Glui. I prefer eBooks, and read on my phone and tablet with the Android Kindle app. With all those icons on my menu bar, I use Bartender.

What would be your dream setup?

I take notes the old-fashioned high school way: with post its, colored pens, and large paper. Even with the ability to all do it electronically, a desk that would just "know" to scan all notes and architecture docs I write would be awesome. That would also revive an old quirk of mine, drawing on sticky notes.

I can't wait for Google Fiber to be local. And I'm number 1306 for Google Glass -- just giddy thinking of the data I'll be able to track.